In a consultation, in person or by telephone, Bonnie telepathically connects with the energy of the animal, using a combination of her intuitive abilities.  The only information she requests before the reading is the animal's name, breed, color, age, gender, and how long the animal has been with the owner.  Bonnie finds it very rewarding to personally meet with her clients but is able to communicate effectively with any animal who may not be present (due to geographical distance or in spirit). 

For people who are seeking spiritual counseling with specific life issues or are interested in making a connection to a loved one in spirit, Bonnie conducts readings in person or by telephone.  

For a private reading and/or healing session, Bonnie is available to personally visit with clients only in the Orange County, California area.  If you are out of this area, Bonnie gladly offers readings via telephone, at a time agreed upon (with payment sent and received prior to the appointment). 


A typical reading with Bonnie offers pet parents an opportunity to get answers to questions about their pets, in order to identify sources of unacceptable behavior, to clarify or gain insight into unresolved  health concerns, to address emotional issues, and to find comfort when the pet parent is grieving over the loss of a beloved pet.  It is Bonnie's goal to provide animals with the voice they want to share, to help animal lovers better understand their special relationship with the animals in their lives, and to raise awareness about animals and their needs.  She believes that communicating with animals truly offers a chance to deepen the bond between pets and their "people."

When Bonnie has sessions with people who want to address personal issues, she will offer options tailored specifically for each person's needs.


Another important aspect of Bonnie's work is healing, which often arises from what the animals have to share, or from requests from the pet parents.  For physical, behavioral, or emotional issues, Bonnie offers a healing modality called Reiki (also known as "energy healing" or universal life energy") -- and takes place in person.  As stated in the book Animal Reiki, by Fulton & Prasad, "Reiki can be used to maintain health and energetic balance in a healthy being, to heal illness, injuries, emotional and spiritual problems, and to ease the transition between life and death."  It is important to remember that Reiki can never be harmful and can support the work of other alternative, as well as conventional, treatments for animals.  As an alternative, Bonnie has used a couple other healing modalities, depending on need and situation.  If appropriate to the condition, Bonnie will discuss these as an option. 

When working with people interested in receiving healing, Bonnie explores the appropriate modality for each individual's needs.  Along with Bonnie's recommendation, it is ultimately the client's decision as to what method of healing will be utilized.

Before and After the Loss of a Pet

One of the greatest joys in life is having a special relationship with an animal companion.  But losing a beloved pet can be one of the most emotionally difficult experiences animal lovers will ever go through.  Since beginning her work with animals and their families, Bonnie has made it a priority to offer pet lovers the chance to hear from their pets directly about their feelings; she does this through her communication with them, specifically about their transition into spirit -- before and after -- and to help people gain understanding while beginning to find peace of mind with their loss.  Hearing how their pets feel about their lives, experiences, and their transition to the Other Side will never remove the feeling of loss, but clients report that this information definitely provides a feeling of relief and comfort that their beloved friend is at peace.  


If you have had to face the loss of a dear pet and are grieving, or anticipate this, due to a serious health condition in your pet, please know that help is available.  Bonnie's communication with your pet is made in a personal and sensitive meeting, through photos, or simply with a description of your pet.  Bonnie believes that the grief process is very personal, and not completed in any specific time frame.  It is a period of healing that takes place on an individual basis.  Animals are very willing and able to communicate almost immediately after their transition; however, the people we lose may take longer for their souls to rest and need more time to be ready to connect.  

Current Fees

$ 79      30 minute session

$135     60 minute session

$ 65      additional session (same visit only)

$ 95      energy healing (length of session will vary)

$ 45      brief follow-up (by email)

$ 25      per 15 minutes over scheduled time

$170     comprehensive session (reading + healing)

$270     healing package (3 sessions, paid in advance)