Animal Communication


Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking or feeling?

Wouldn't it be interesting to find out what your pets want or need?

Are you grieving over the loss of a beloved pet?

If you have unresolved concerns about your pet's behavior or health, would like to connect with a pet who has passed, or need supportive insight for a pet who is ill, injured, aging or facing end-of-life issues, Bonnie has the guidance you are seeking. 

Through telepathic communication and intuitive abilities, on a level that exists beyond the physical, Bonnie is able to "speak" with all kinds of animals to reveal helpful information and answers to your questions. She utilizes clairvoyance (seeing images in the mind's eye), clairaudience (internally hearing words), and clairsentience (feeling another's emotions and/or physical conditions).  Animals are known to be highly intuitive beings, so there is already an open line of communication...and they are always ready and eager to communicate!


As an Animal Communicator, Medium, and Practitioner of Reiki and other healing modalities, Bonnie's intention is to:

  • give animals (living or in spirit) a voice to share their thoughts and feelings
  • educate pet parents on what animals want and need and help them develop a deeper bond with their pets
  • bridge the communication gap between humans and their pets for greater understanding and improved relationships
  • explain the animal's perspective with a health concern or end-of-life situation
  • through energy work, Bonnie helps animals achieve improved physical and emotional health (depending on the severity and status of a specific condition, Bonnie works in conjunction with the pet parent's veterinarian)

All of Bonnie's services also apply to humans.  For intuitive readings and spiritual counseling, including mediumship, Bonnie uses her psychic abilities, oracle cards, psychometry (information from the energy of objects) and connection to the angelic realm; for health issues, Bonnie may utilize one or more of her healing modalities that she feels guided to use.

Bonnie's Education/Experience

Bonnie's college education is in the field of Child Development, and she holds both a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Arts degree in that field.  She also received a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential.  For over 25 years, Bonnie worked in various Early Childhood programs as a preschool teacher, administrator, multi-site supervisor, consultant, and college instructor of Human Development.  During that time, she dedicated her career to her passion of giving children a voice.  That passion has evolved into giving animals a voice.  Because of her work with children and families, it was a natural and easy transition for Bonnie to apply her knowledge and experience with children to animals and their human families.

Beginning in 1970, Bonnie has studied and participated in spiritual and metaphysical work, leading her to become more aware of her intuition and healing abilities.  In 1981, she began healing work with a mentor and continued to attend workshops and classes on spirituality, further developing her intuitive abilities.  In 2006, Bonnie began her current profession and has been passionate about working with animals of all kinds and helping people find spiritually-based answers to life's many questions, or to manage their grief connected to the loss of a beloved pet or special person.  After many years of study and discovery, it can be said that Bonnie's work is deeply rooted in the belief that afterlife contact is possible.  Because Bonnie felt so strongly about providing spiritually-based assistance (i.e., grief counseling), in 2010 she was certified as an Ordained Minister from the Monastery of the Universal Life Church.