Here's What Some Clients say

Dr. David Bahou, Veterinarian

Recently, I diagnosed my favorite cat with cancer.  As a friend, Bonnie offered her services to assist us in this difficult time.  She was able to communicate with him and answer some of the questions we had for him.  This helped my family cope with the reality of our sick cat.  Bonnie has always been gentle, kind, and compassionate.  I would recommend her to anyone with a question for their pets.

Dr. Don Moore, Equine Chiropractor

The time Bonnie took with my dog Nalla was wonderful.  She became calm despite distractions around and allowed Bonnie to use her touch.  She hit on so many topics with her that amazed me.  Bonnie was so "on" when letting me know about Nalla's surroundings, her life contacts and, even more, what she had been wanting me to know.  This truly touched me...

Carolyn, San Juan Capistrano

Bonnie gave me a great reading!  My son contacted her from the Other Side.  He wanted Bonnie to give me some information that no one else knew.  During the time Bonnie was channeling, I could feel my son's presence, and it was very comforting.  Bonnie has a very special gift; she spreads love and light.  I am grateful for this wonderful experience!

Gigi, Mission Viejo


Bonnie, you are very much appreciated!  Thank you for your insight, help and kindness with my little dove.  And thank you for doing such an important and special service for our pets and their human partners.  You are an angel!

Rina, Huntington Beach


Thank you to Bonnie for giving me insight with my dog, Maxx, during his last days.  It helped immensely and comforted me at the end.

Judea, Laguna Beach


Bonnie, thank you so much for helping me and my cats to understand each other better.  After you worked with them, I understood their needs and was able to visualize a more positive way to be.  A huge thanks!